Thursday, January 29, 2015

Light Speaks

Space can speak, and light is one of its language. By creating moods and defining visual bounda­ries, light emerging a sensation of space. In one of our project in Beijing, The Parkview Green, the carefully designed light effect are engineered to respond, react and behave within unique materials made of metals, crystal and stacked glass, to leave a very specific visual sensation to viewers. Layered with dichroic film, the suspended crystals reflect a variety of spectrum which came from the LED light source underneath the stacked glass reception table. The result is a distinct welcoming ambience, a unique first greeting and memorable last wave, a fun and arousing space.

In this article, we are going to see the example of our hospitality project located in Bejing, Parkview Green Hotel. We will walk you through the sequence of spaces and see how light speak in each of the element, as well as the mechanism of how it happened.

First Impression
Reception Lobby
What was the first thing you noticed when entering a hotel? Is it the guest room? The restaurant? Or any other thing located far inside the building? No, it is the lobby. Lobby is the face of a hotel, and even a building in general. It is the very first place you come to the time you arrived and also the last place you see when you checked out of the hotel. During the time they checked-in, the guests will put judgement on the hotel even before they entered their room. It is pretty much involving the public area of the hotel, including the lobby. What people saw will remain as their memory of that particular place, as when anyone ever mentioned the hotel, their brain will unconciously connect to the visual experience they gone through the first time they arrived.

In the lobby, our intention is to make a distinct first impression by creating an ambience that not only could impress the guests through visual journey, but also could make them feel like the hotel is saying welcome to them. To combine these two, we are using both LED in blue to achieve the distinct ambience and warm white to create a warm welcoming ambience. The single color light itself is not monotonous nor too distracting because of the technique we used to create the lighting effects. Combined with glass and crystal, the blue colored light perfectly fits. This also shows how light should really interact with every materials consisted in the space and make the most of them. 

Branding and Sending Message

Facade - Day
Facade - Night
Light also play a role as messenger. It broadcasts any impression, image, or story the space willing to tell. As shown in the pictures on the left, the repeated circles give particular image from inside as well as from outside. However, these will become just another set of shapes if not highlighted properly. 

You can immediately spot the difference between the above and below picture on the left. During the day, the facade seen as composition of shape, while the circles are not very vocal. As the night comes and the light turned on, we can see a different perspective of it. Therefore the building has two faces and even more possibilities to choose by only lighten up one of its element.